Saxo Bank, Copenhagen

  • Works by Christian Lemmerz, Morten Schelde and Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen
  • Catch Me Should I Fall by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset, 2010
  • Painting by Allan Otte, Opløsning, 2006
  • Marco Evaristti, KillMe Milipede, 2009, bronze
  • Catch Me Should I Fall by Elmgreen and Dragset, 2010
  • Paintings by Nils Erik Gjerdevik, 2010
  • Painting by Berit Heggenhougen-Jensen, 2007-2009
  • Painting by Trine Boesen, 2011
  • Painting by Mie Mørkeberg, untitled, 2010
  • Painting by Søren Martinsen, One more down, how many more to go? 2010
  • Painting by John Kørner, Slap "a", 1995
  • Drawing by Theis Wendt, Leaving, 2010
  • Sculpture by Christian Lemmerz, Lady Die, 2003-2004
  • Painting by Allan Otte, Maritimt Landskab, 2012
  • Allan Otte, Maritimt Landskab, painting made for Saxo Banks canteen, 2012
  • Work by Alexander Tovborg, Formidleren & Moralen, 2010
  • Painting by Allan Otte, Mobilt billede, 2010
  • Close up of painting by Allan Otte, Mobilt billede, 2010
  • Sculpture by Jone Kvie, untitled (Carrier), 2006
  • Sculpture by Jone Kvie, untitled (Carrier), 2006
  • Video-still, EMPIRE by Niklas Goldbach.
  • Drawings by Christian Lemmerz and painting by Kaspar Bonnén
  • Painting by Michael Kvium
  • Close-up from one of Bentemarie Kjeldbæks paintings
  • Sculpture by Peter Land, 2003
  • Christian Lemmerz, Untitled, charcoal on canvas, 206 x 120 cm, 2009
  • Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Afghan Hound, photo, 2012
  • Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Afghan Hound, 2012
  • Screening of the video EMPIRE by Niklas Goldbach
  • Painting by Claus Carstensen in a meeting room
  • Painting by Michael Kvium and sculpture by Sys Svinding

Saxo Bank, Copenhagen

Birthe Laursen is art advisor to Saxo Bank and has managed the interior lay-out and arrangement of the bank’s architecturally groundbreaking headquarters in Copenhagen’s Tuborg Harbour. The building itself is designed by 3xNielsen. Saxo Bank has decided to have art play an altogether crucial role in the day to day doings of its employees. In Saxo Bank, art constitutes a kind of challenging contrast to the distinctive working conditions for the bank’s 600 employees most of whom are raders dealing with computer screens and cyberspace as their actual work site. Art, on the other hand, stimulates the senses, insisting on a particular kind of physical contact.

Earlier, Chief Operating Director of Saxo Bank, Eric Rylberg, has said the following about the role of art in a business company: “I don’t mind, if there is also a certain gravity to what you do in life, and as far as I am concerned, art becomes unimportant and inconsequential, if it serves as mere decoration. You have to distinguish between pure decoration and real art.”

(quoted in the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende, January 2005)

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