Birthe Laursen Art Agency undertakes various consultative tasks ranging from advice on decoration and art collection management in major companies to interior decoration in private homes.

Regardless of the extent and size of the assignment, we offer highly professional consultancy service and take great pride in integrating and communicating art in the best possible manner.

We act independently on the art market and therefore we do not represent individual artists. Rather, we work with a wide range of leading contemporary artists.

We offer

– to develop overall concepts for the decoration of businesses, smaller companies as well as large head offices
– to expand and organize an existing art collection, integrating it into the building in a new and more coherent way
– to present and tell about contemporary art to the employees and clients of the company in an innovative way, for example by:
– arranging workshops and after hours meetings
– composing educational texts for company newsletters, intranet, publications etc.
– to initiate and implement collaborations between artists and companies in relation to innovative work processes
– to give advice on investment in and acquisition of art for private homes
– to assist with interior decoration, furniture and lighting

We collaborate

In working together with reputable architects, interior designers, leading furniture and lighting agencies, Birthe Laursen Art Agency offer professional overall solutions for decoration of companies and private homes.