Birthe Laursen Art Agency works with procurement of professional contemporary art for businesses and private clients.

Birthe Laursen has more than 25 years of experience as gallery owner and freelance agent in the Danish and international art world and she is an expert advisor for businesses and institutions on the acquisition and physical integration of visual art.

We have specialized in assignments involving specific locations where we work actively with the physical setting at hand and the culture and profile of the specific place.

We act independently on the art market and do not represent a fixed circle of selected artists. On the contrary, we work with a wide range of artists from internationally recognized names to promising young talents.

The artistic idioms range from traditional media such as painting, sculpture and photography to major spatial installations and sound and video art, and the individual work is always selected with a keen sense of quality and with the particular purpose in mind.

We believe that art can play an essential role not only in the creation of pleasant environments, but also in the creation of inspiring and challenging work settings encouraging innovative work processes.