What we do

Birthe Laursen Art Agency performs consultancy tasks. We advise on investment in and acquisitions of art, on overall solutions for decoration in private homes as well as in businesses and organisation of art collections.

We have specialized in assignments involving specific locations where we work actively with the physical setting at hand and the culture and profile of the specific place. We believe that the presence of art in companies can encourage creative and renewal work processes.

In 2018, we expanded our Art Agency to also accommodate an Art Room in a home environment in the apartment at Gl. Kongevej 127, 2nd floor, Frederiksberg, Cph. Our Art Room in the private conveniences offers a special opportunity to meet art in an intimate and tranquil setting with time and space for immersion. There are both artworks to see and to buy. By providing space for art we are working on creating personal spaces.

We offer  

– Our Art Room and the experience of art in a quiet and intimate setting in the apartment at Frederiksberg, Cph.

– Advisement on investment in and acquisition of art for private and business

– Development of overall concepts for decoration of small businesses and large domiciles

– Organisation of an existing art collection, integrating it into the private home or company in a new and more coherent way

– To present and narrate about contemporary art to corporate employees and customers through lectures and after hour meetings  

We cooperate

Birthe Laursen Art Agency works together with reputable architects, interior designers, leading furniture and lighting agencies, and offers comprehensive solutions for the design of offices and private homes of high quality.